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Bipolar Affective Disorder

8 CE credit hours training
Robert A. Yourell
Target audience and instructional level of this course: foundational

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Course Description

This course aims at helping therapists and psychiatrists understand all aspects of Bipolar disorder. This course elaborates on symptoms that affect patients, various stages of this disorder and tools that can help patients cope with mood swings. This course also elaborates on effective medications, harmful medications that should not be prescribed and other treatment methods that can help patients. This course also provides information about the effects of bipolar disorder on a pregnant women and which medications should be avoided during pregnancy. To help therapists understand about the prevalence of this disorder in USA, a few case studies and survey results are also included in this course. Sample screening tests are included in this course to help medical professionals formulate their own screening questions.
Bipolar affective disorder can be classified as a serious mood disorder that has the following characteristics: mood swings that range from mania to depression. Symptoms of mania in bipolar disorder include an exaggerated feeling of well-being, extra energy and grandiosity in which a person begins to lose touch with reality. Symptoms of depression include a strong feeling of sadness, anxiety, and low self-esteem which can include suicidal thoughts and even attempts at suicide.

This disorder usually appears around the age of 25 and affects men and women equally but children are rarely affected by this severe disorder. It is estimated that more than two million American Adults are affected with bipolar disorder and this number includes only adults with bipolar affective disorder that are aged 18 years or older or about one percent of the total population.

Survey on the Prevalence of Bipolar Disorder
A survey conducted in 2002 which screened for

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