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5 Reasons therapists are always tired

April 30th, 2015

reasons therapists are always tired

Therapists play a big role to individuals in recovery. They provide a lot of people with great inspiration. But therapy is not easy, in fact it can be very tiring. Therapists have a very demanding job and because of that, the job can be extremely difficult. Here are some interesting insights from professional therapists:

When you’re on the job, the stakes are always high.

The decisions you make as a therapist will affect people in different ways. That pressure of changing someone’s life for the better can really wear you down as an individual. You can often be drained both physically and mentally.

Therapists do more than listening.

Therapists are constantly processing communication. They do this all the time. Truthfully speaking, the average person can only process about 1.6 conversations efficiently. That means that therapy is more of a cognitive overload, which in turn, can also lead to mental exhaustion.

One hour of therapy is seriously an hour of real demanding work.

You’re way off if you think therapy is a relaxing job. During a typical therapy session you will spend every minute focused on your client. You can’t afford to zone out or check your phone because your client is paying you for your time.

Work isn’t done after therapy is over

After completing a therapy session you will have to make sure you’re entering your notes correctly. You’ll have to be on top of your client’s file. It’s more than just positive communication.

You’re always multitasking

It’s not just about growing your clientele list. You have to manage multiple tasks while shouldering a heavy load of decisions that will affect others. Since your brain is processing so much by listening to your clients on a daily basis, your brain will sometimes trick you into thinking you’re experiencing what your client is experiencing. So sometimes your brain can experience the tragic stuff you hear in a session.

As a therapist you’ve made it a mission to help your clients improve their life in a very real way. Do your best to do that but don’t make their troubles your personal problem. Don’t treat your life as a work-sleep-eat cycle. Make sure you have time to carry out your hobbies in your free time. Spend time with your family and friends as a normal person. Don’t always wear your therapist hat outside of work. Your job is a privilege and it should be treated with the utmost care at all times. For you to be a good therapist you will have to be mentally strong and happy in life.

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