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National Recovery Month 2021

September 15th, 2021

Recovery is for everyone, because it benefits everyone. We applaud National Recovery Month for highlighting the diversity of faces united by this experience. As we know gender, socioeconomic group or cultural background, does not exclude anyone from mental health and substance abuse challenges.

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Our own biases of what the recovery experience should like, can actually impede it. Every individual has their own unique experience often shaped by external factors like the access to care they have, their immediate support system and community, as well as their own life, like their religion, sexual-orientation and cultural beliefs.

How can our professional approach impact recovery?

Our strength is our diversity. Accepting that recovery journeys can look different, and treating clients with compassion, empathy, and giving respect to their own lived experiences, can dramatically improve their outcome.

As mental health professionals it can be a challenge to know how to best cater to all our clients. What is considered normative now, can be very different from 10 or even 5 years ago. Even using language and terminology that reflects the society and the individual can advance their recovery greatly.

These courses could be relevant to you:

Free resources

If you are looking for ways to participate, visit the Faces of Recovery website for their Free Tool Kit.


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