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Recovery and recovery support

September 12th, 2021

With recovery support systems changing in their approach as we all adapt to working online, the pillars of recovery remain the same.

Vital aspects of addiction recovery


  • Health — managing mental health or symptoms – like substance abuse.
  • Home— having a safe environment to live.
  • Purpose— being independent and living with purpose, such as study or work commitments, that offer healthy routine and structure.
  • Community— having a social life whether it be family or friends; or a more formal recovery community, that offer support and care.


What courses does CE Units offer to professionals who work in recovery?

There are several pathways that cater to mental health professionals who work with addiction in mental health care. Our courses are created by qualified professionals and delivered online for convenience.

Whether you are a social worker, psychologist, addiction consultant or mental health care nurse, our courses are set at different levels for different professions.

Some of our most popular courses to support mental health recovery are:

1. Cultural Competencies

2. Mindfulness

3. Spousal Partner Abuse

Why choose CE Units courses?

CE Units is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. CE Units maintains responsibility for this program and its content. See all of our available courses here.

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