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Social Workers: The Power of Vulnerability from Brené Brown

May 12th, 2015

Understanding humanity is an important trait for any social worker. The need for human connection – the ability to feel belonged and to love is something that every human being wants, and needs. Human beings just want to be happy.

In this 20 minute TED Talk, you’ll find out what Brené Brown learned about being truly happy through all of her research.


In the “Power of Vulnerability”  TED Talk,  Sociologist Brené Brown shares what she learned with her research on what it takes to be happy. She studied  people intensely and found that we need to allow ourselves to be vulnerable, have compassion towards others, be courageous, embrace all of the imperfections that we have and ‘to be seen.’ Brown shares that in order to be seen, we need to let others see us in our vulnerable state. We need to love with all of our hearts, give people the utmost compassion and be ‘us.’

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